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Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear Headphones


Build Quality & Design

Made of premium materials, including stainless steel, alcantara and leather, Momentum On-Ear is a headset in a class of its own. Available in a range of vibrant colours, Momentum On Ear was created to match any outfit and to suit personal tastes and style splendidly. The head band and the ear cushions are made of Alcan Tara, an exceptionally soft, leather-like material. It takes the edge off the stainless steel sliders and it allows you to wear the headset in full comfort for hours on end.

Even though they come with premium materials, the Momentum headphones are remarkably lightweight. Unlike other over-head headphones, they won’t become tiresome and they won’t feel restrictive. Although the weight and feel of them makes them suitable for on-the-go applications, the design is still bulky and slightly perhaps less portable than some of its contenders. When kept in the carry case provided, they do tend to take up a substantial amount of space.

All the parts are hand stitched and the materials are breathable, so that it won’t feel like a sauna inside your ears. The stainless steel is flexible, allowing you to release some of the pressure, if need be.

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Sound Quality

Its 18-ohm transducers use neodymium magnets to deliver a powerful sound that can’t be faulted, with vibrancy, good balance and full-bodied bass.These speakers are careful not to leak any sound, which makes them ideal for commuters and people who travel. While they won’t cancel the noise completely and you’d still be able to hear some of what goes on around you, the noise cancellation levels are just enough for you to be able to enjoy your music undeterred.Momentum headphones have a laid-back sound to them, with a bit of emphasis on bass, treble and lower frequencies. If there’s anything to fault these headphones with, it could be that the bass can be overwhelming at times, with certain types of music, but it still makes you feel in control of your music.

This sets them apart from other headphones in this category, like Beats, which deliver a sloppy, forceful bass.While they don’t see themselves as ‘fashion headphones’, the Momentums do have a bit of bass-booming of their own, even though the way it’s delivered is unlike any other. Not biased towards the low end of the headphone quality scale, they carry out their premium design consistently, with a balanced body from corner to corner. This renders a full-bodied bass, with considerable attention to detail and a treble that is never too extreme. It delivers a crisp, dynamic, sound which works wonderfully well with most music genres. Even though these are closed back cans, they offer an impressive sensation of space with sound that is unconstrained; the type of sound open back headphones would deliver.

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These Momentum headphones are compatible with any 3.5mm socket for iOS devices, most phones or tablets and MP3.In the accompanying carry case, two very durable rubber cables will hook up to your phone. One is rather plain, while the other comes with a metal in-line microphone and a remote for controlling the music you like to listen to on your iOS device at leisure, as well as answering the phone. There’s a 3.5mm jack on the cables with a hinge that enables it to bend at 90-degree angles, which gives it generous leeway for connecting to devices in a pocket or a purse. Another full-size, 6.3mm jack adaptor is included, which plugs them straight into a hi-fi at home.They come with a 2-year warranty and they set out to last you a good many years. The removable cables are replaceable and no other spare parts or accessories are needed.

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f anything, the Sennheiser Momentum is a bit bulky, as is its carry case, so it won’t go with just anything you want to wear, and it will certainly not make you the most inconspicuous character in a crowd. That having been said, it delivers an enjoyable sound in a durable yet comfortable frame, with exceptionally well-built elements that come together in a design that’s in a class of its own. Sennheiser Momentum are certainly not the cheapest headphones available on the market, but owners would agree that the exquisite design, the premium materials and the balanced sound make them worth every penny, if not more. These have to be everyone’s favourite premium and on-the-go headphones.All in all, it’s a delightful set, slightly robust, but otherwise flawless. It’s good value for money and it’s bound not to disappoint. That’s a big thumbs up for Sennheiser and we’re thrilled to see what they’ll come up with next, given that they’ve filled the on-ear gap in their range so splendidly.

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Features & Specifications

Compact closed back on-ear design isolates ambient noise to maximize musical enjoyment.
Headband and layered foam ear pads are covered with super soft breathable and durable Alcan Tara providing comfort and a perfect fit.
18-ohm operating impedance produces outstanding bass response dynamics and overall output level with portable audio devices
Metal in-line three button control and microphone supports Apple devices like iPod/iPad and iPhone.
2 year global warranty
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Sennheiser Momentum On Ear Headphone:8.5



COMFORT 8.3/10.

FEATURES 8.8/10.


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  • – Superb sound.
  • – Great design.
  • – Well built.
  • – Great choice of colours.
  • – 2 Year Warranty.
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  • – A bit bulky for on-ear headphones.
  • – Some reports of ears getting warm after prolonged usage.


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