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Bose is synonymous with quality, and so you’d expect the SoundTrue on-ear headset to give you that. Do SoundTrue on-ear headphones deliver? Yes and no. It all depends on what you’re really looking for in a good headset. If you want your sound to be ‘true’, then you’ve come to the right place. If you want your sound to be out of this world, then try knocking on an over-ear SoundTrue headset’s door, instead. But whatever sound it may be that tickles your fancy, you can be sure that comfort and style are undisputed features of the Soundtrue ear-on range, as well as all the other Bose products on the market today.

Build Quality & Design

They may be on-ear, but they’re barely noticeable. As you’d expect of any headphone brandishing the BOSE logotype, SoundTrue on-ear is light and exceptionally comfortable. Even though they’re slightly more snug than the over-ear version, with memory foam ear cushions, they’re still not steady enough for bouncing and running around, or any type of exercise that’s too vigorous, because they tend to slide off due to the fact that the padding on the cushions is really soft.Unlike most Bose headphones, the SoundTrue range is rather colorful. The classic black version, with its lush leather ear pad is very subtly beautified with red diamond gingham on the sound outlet.

The same gingham padding can be seen on the white version, but in royal blue, a colour which blends with the classic black on the earpads and headband, and the pure white of the rest of the body, sliders included, for a very youthful, slightly more masculine effect. There’s a fresh mint blue version, as well, with light grey headband and cushions, much like the ones on the purple/mint version, which is really more of a blend of royal blue and royal purple colours. All four versions are available not only for the SoundTrue on-year collection, but also for the around-ear one, the only difference between the two being the size of the ear cups.

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Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality, it seems that this isn’t really the feature Bose were aiming for when they produced these headphones. Style and portability are the main perks, and sound is a close third. Because they convert everything into mid-range bass, with no clear distinction between different pressure levels, the sound isn’t overwhelmingly clear, but it’s mellow and comforting. Still, it’s well-balanced and fairly open, so it will make those few hours on a train or airplane enjoyable, but don’t expect an exciting, ‘boombastick’ tonality and treble when you wear them, like the Solo 2 would deliver. Luckily, it makes most music files sound decent even without the refined bass detail.

In terms of noise cancellation, it doesn’t seem to have been a priority for Bose with this particular range. They are, after all, on-ear headphones, and they wouldn’t dream to take on their over-ear counterparts from the same SoundTrue collection, or from other Bose ranges, like the ANC. That being said, these Bose headphones will render music files of just about any type and do that from beginning to end, not give you bits and pieces mid-way through a song, like other headphones would.So while they don’t necessarily give you that oomph you’d expect with Bose headphones, the SoundTrue on-ears enable you to carry your music with you anywhere, even if you don’t feel like dragging your bulky over-ears for everyone to stare at. It’s your go-to solution for when you don’t want to insult your ears with standard ear buds, but you also don’t see much point in taking up half your backpack space with only your headset.

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They feature a removable cable and a hands-free remote unit with 3 buttons, designed specifically for iOS compatibility. Unlike most Bose cable systems, the SoundTrue on-ear features a standard 3.5 mm jack, not one that slots into the ear cup using a brick-like plastic end.This on-ear headset comes with a compact travel case. The headphones collapse into a bundle no bigger than the palm of your hand. The 66-inch long audio cable connects with an iPhone (preferably) from just one ear cup, to prevent tangling and to give you a bit more leeway in your movements. While this headset is not designed specifically for use with an iPhone or iPod, you may find that Blackberry devices don’t enjoy as much functionality. The integrated remote allows you to control the music you listen to, skip, fast-forward or pause music, shuffle playlists, and switch calls, without reaching for your device. Along with the Apple-friendly remote and microphone, and the detachable cord, the case makes every commute an enviable break from the noisy outside world.

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The travel-friendly SoundTrue on-ear headphones are great for those looking for a headset that will give them reasonably good clarity for music play and phone calls on an iPhone or iPod, as well as a limited number of other devices. Easy to store in a leather case no bigger than your hand, it’s a travel companion you really shouldn’t have to do without. Bass resonance can be slightly disappointing, but if you’re more interested in style, comfort and portability than you are in sound clarity and noise cancellation, then SoundTrue fits the bill beautifully. Besides, they’re just as stylish as their Bose over-ear counterparts, they’re considerably cheaper, and they travel well.

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Weight without cable 6.5 oz (183 g)
Cord length 66 in (167.6 cm)
Height 7.5 in (19.1 cm)
Width 6 in (15.2 cm)
Carry Case Included
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Bose SoundTrue Headphones On-Ear Style Review:8.5



COMFORT 8.6/10.



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  • – Excellent for travel, very portable.
  • – Great design.
  • – Good features.
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  • – Sound not as great as other Bose headphones such as SoundTrue over ear version.
  •  Sometimes needs re-adjusting to sit on your head.

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