Beats Solo 2.0 Wired On-Ear Headphones



When Dr. Dre set out to dish out headphones brandishing his name to the general public, he probably expected to raise the scorn of more than a few established manufacturers. While we can all agree Beats are nowhere near your best Sennheisers, even though they may match them in price, let’s remember that Dre’s headphones never claimed to be the best in any particular field, not gaming, music or even film and other multimedia. Be that as it may, they’re anything but ordinary in terms of build and design, and it’s these particular features we’ll be looking into in greater depth. So, let’s put our virtual headsets on and see what all the fuss is about.

Build Quality & Design

The headphones don’t say ‘Beats by Dr. Dre’ anymore, just ‘Beats’. Given the fact that Apple’s dipped its toe into Beats stocks, it’s only understandable, even though it may not be to your liking. It certainly is to ours, though. One aspect that makes these headphones look like a closer relative to the Studios than the Solo headphones is the plastic used, which although glossy and eye-catching, tends to attract every possible fingerprint. We recommend carrying your cleaning cloth with them.While the headband doesn’t have a cushion for a seamless fit and optimum comfort, it does wobble around and twist easily, and it’s malleable enough to slide on and off in a jiffy. As for the slides, they can be operated from both sides, and they extend quite a bit, so even the most well-endowed thinker can be crowned with a pair of Beats.

The body can spread to an almost horizontal line, though we don’t recommend you trying that, so it has every chance of making it out alive from a one-on-one battle with a furious 2-year-old. The original Solo version couldn’t possibly claim to be anywhere near the Solo 2 in terms of durability.Another point to remember is that, if you wear glasses, the Solo 2 will become uncomfortable, unless you slide your earpieces over the Beats ear pad.Even with a slight clamping on your head, the Solo 2 will not budge as you jog or work out more intensely, so in that respect, it’s better than the former version. The pads have been replaced with the same ones that the 2013 Studios don on their speakers.

The memory foam circle pads are covered in lush leather, adjusting to your ear and giving you that tight fit that you need to feel the vibes to the fullest. The ear pads will collapse instantly and remain neatly tucked away under the headband, taking up no more space than the average fist, until such a time as you deem appropriate to release them. The hinges are metallic and they need you to apply quite a bit of force to collapse the ear pads, so, again, a toddler or a pet will most likely not be able to tackle them as easily as a Solo.

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Sound Quality

With Solo 2, there’s more emphasis on surround sound than on acoustic merits, and the ear pads will harmonise to give you a richer, smoother texture, sonically. Not only do they have clarity and depth, but they give you an entirely new perspective on space. Good phones will make you feel music coming at you from every angle, and Beats Solo 2 are quick to deliver, when it comes to that.If you couple these with an amp, your ears will thank you for it. But even with a regular iPhone as your source of music, you’ll get decent sound, with a crisper bass than the original Solo delivered. The mids are smoother, the vocals are sharper, and the lower tones are not as muffled as with the previous version.

It’s tuned to make you aware of every treble, and it’s slightly more immersive than its predecessor. You’re likely to forget where you are and to start tapping to the beat with these, that’s how engaging they can be. No wonder they’re called Beats!You shouldn’t expect Beats Solo 2 to muffle out environmental noise, but there’s a certain amount of passive noise cancellation that they’re capable of, and it’s certainly much better than what the previous version were able to do.

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Right out the box, the headphone pouch will strike you as rather small. It’s officially a ‘case’, but since it doesn’t have any of the cable pouches the previous version did, and it has no rigid structure to it, we’d rather just call it a pouch. It will probably also strike you as flimsy, but bear in mind that the previous Solo version was clad in the same type of pouch, except that one also had a handle. The Beats logo on it has been stamped, rather than embellished with a 3D appliqué, which again, is somewhat disappointing.

A cable is also supplied, with inline remote and built-in microphone, in the same colour as the headphones. Too bad the pouch isn’t colour coordinated, too. The remote unit is much closer to the mouth now than it was before, which is convenient and in line with what top headphone manufacturers have been doing lately.Some users warn that the logo insert on the cable tends to pop out because of the heat generated at the jack, but if you don’t mind gluing it back, then there’s no need to replace the entire cable.

They don’t need any batteries. They have no visible screws anywhere on the chassis. In fact, they’re more like a mini version of the all-new Studios, in that respect, than a new version of the Solo.When it comes to colour, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the Beats Solo2. They come in black, blue, grey, pink, red, white, blue sapphire, blush rose, hunter green, imperial violet and stone grey. If only you had as many colours in your wardrobe as there are Beats colours, then maybe you’d have a Beats headphone to match every outfit and occasion. But if not, then one pair of Beats should do.

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Arguably, Beats are more about the make and the style than they are about the sound, and that factors into the price tag, which can be off-putting to those not really interested in the brand. For those who are curious to see what was the latest game-changer that came out of Dre’s hands, though, these headphones will do just fine. Better than the Solo but more compact than the Studio, the Solo2 is a good range for commuters, fashionistas and those who like to have a bit more oomph in their bass.

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Weight (kg) 0.205
Height (mm) 198
Length of Cable (m) 1.361
Type of Jack 3.5mm
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Beats Solo 2.0 Wired On-Ear Headphones Review:7.86

BUILD & DESIGN 7.5/10.


COMFORT 7.7/10.

FEATURES 7.5/10.


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  • – Good sound which really surrounds you.
  • – Impressive passive noise cancelling.
  • – Great style and colour options.
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  • – Some Build Quality Concerns.

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