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Despite the ghostly name, Symphonized Wraith headphones are very much alive and well. Their manufacturer has been using the Amazon platform to sell these headphones since 2013, and by the looks of things, having the endorsement of the largest online retailer West of the Atlantic earned the brand some global recognition.Symphonized isn’t necessarily what we would call a household name in Europe, and that may very well be because the headphones are not manufactured locally. Still, this is a company that claims its product to be perfect for Apple devices, as well as most MP3s and smartphones. It also claims it strives for ‘200% customer satisfaction’. But most importantly, it claims that once you try wood, you never go back to plastic. Those are some serious claims, ones that we might not be able to address fully in this review, but we’ll definitely give it our best.

Build Quality & Design

You’d be forgiven for thinking this is a pair of LSTN Troubadour headphones when you see someone else wearing them for the first time. The design is uncomfortably similar to the Troubadour’s, which luckily came in four styles, so the odds of rubbing shoulders with someone who owns the Cherry wood version are negligible. In fact, the only difference between these two models is the fact that the Symphonized Wraith has a leather headband framed by a metal inset that supports the adjusting slider. With the Troubadour, the slider just hangs in the air, and there’s no padding whatsoever between the two brackets that connect the earcups.

But the star of the show is, without a doubt, the wood casing for the earcups. These Reuleaux triangle shaped earcups swivel between the stainless steel brackets and the only thing that takes the edge off the manly frame is the cherry wood casing on the earcups. The grain is not as rich as the Troubadour’s, but the visual effect is impressive, nonetheless. The ultra polished reddish hue of the earcups contrasts with the plain black, upside-down, mini-triangle on the metal brackets. There are 10 slots to adjust the headband either side, and there’s a satisfying click when the slide falls into place. The earcups feature a dual cable, and the jacks are hidden from view.

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Sound Quality

The Symphonized Wraith have a considerable advantage over similar makes of headphones for the mere reason that wood is undeniably the best material there is when it comes to sound reproduction. Add to that the fact that the inner elements have everything in common with high-end speakers, and you’ve got yourself a veritable miniaturised concert hall.Neodymium magnets are very much in vogue with headphone manufacturers these days, and Symphonized is no exception. The Wraith is powerful enough to deliver crisp acoustics, immersive tones, and high- fidelity sound that virtually takes you straight to the artist’s recording studio.

These headphones tend to reduce the treble, and that’s absolutely fine, especially because the emphasis is on the upper bass. When you connect your smartphone to an amp, chances are you’ll be able to catch much finer detail, but though the output is very similar to the LSTN Troubadour’s, you have to allow for the hefty difference in price before taking your pick.Something these headphones do and most others don’t is to combine great resonance with good depth. The result is palpable.

The sound on these headphones isn’t perfect, though, but it’s hard to find a pair that could deliver that, especially for the price. You may still find some grainy resonances here and there, and it’s not unlikely that a bit of distortion may pop up with higher frequencies. Still, it’s comparable to the Sennheiser Momentum, and that says a lot. So, even though these headphones may not be the first choice in professional studio equipment, they make a very convincing case against similar amateur headphones with three times their price tag.

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Considering what the headphones look like, you’d expect the unboxing to trigger fireworks or an opera chorus. Yet, true to its budget, Symphonized Wraith ships these out in a plain, black, cardboard display box. Inside are a light hemp pouch and two 1.2m/4 ft. cables (one for each earcup) with 2.5 mm mono plugs; the only accessories you’ll ever need. The cables are covered in cloth. There’s a small control box with an inlaid button flush with the plastic casing, which houses a microphone These replaceable cables extend the lifetime of the headphones tremendously, and your purchase is backed by a 1-year warranty, to boot.

As you’d expect of a wood case headset, the 45-degree 3.5 mm mini plug audio jack is gold-plated, so sound loss when connecting it to an audio device is minimal. The 32 Ohm impedance isn’t the absolute best in terms of efficiency, but it does mean that a good amp coupled to your MP3 player or iPhone is very likely to produce outstanding sound.The range of headset adjustment is pretty wide, one or two centimetres wider on each side than most headbands. It should, therefore, fit comfortably on just about any size head, and it’s undeniably lady-friendly, whatever the hairstyle.

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Some might call it a gem, some might call it a knock-off of the Troubadour, and some might even call this headset mediocre. But the bottom line is that it’s far beyond what you’d expect of a headset in this price range. In fact, it’s one of those things that’s just too good to be true, and it makes us question the ethics behind practicing such low prices. Still, it doesn’t take an expert to see that the Wraith has potential, and there’s probably a lot more Symphonized quality where this came from. We can only wait and watch to see what they have in store for us next. But until then, Wraith is a very good set of budget on-ear headphones that can take on any high-end headset any day. So, If you don’t mind using China manufactured headphones, then this high quality, light, robust, comfortable, sweet-sounding headset could be the one for you.

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Genuine Natural Wood Ear Cup Housing Creates Tuned for Rich; Dynamic Sound and Deep Bass
High Quality and Power Sound
Symphonized headphones are perfect for iPhones; iPods and iPads; mp3 players; CD players and more.
Backed by a 1-Year Limited Symphonized Warranty
Gold-plated 3.5 mm audio jack for premium; no-loss sound connection to your audio device.
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symphonized Wraith Premium Genuine Wood Headphones Review:8.5



COMFORT 8.5/10.

FEATURES 8.4/10.


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  • – Great Build Quality.
  • – Great Sound Quality.
  • – Stunning Price.
  • – Impressive Looking.
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  • – In a sense a cheap version of the Troubadour Headphones.

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