Maxell AMP-B Amplified Heavy Bass Headphones



With a brand name that is well known in the audio industry, Maxell provide their latest offering into the budget-range headphones market. Are they relying on their reputation seeing them through? Or are the AMP-B’s the real deal?

Build Quality & Design

When it comes to design, this model from Maxell is certainly eye catching. A blue tribal- style design on top of a black base certainly gives these headphones a unique look, but that may very well work against them, depending on the customer.For example, an adult who is looking for headphones to wear on their commute to work in the morning may not appreciate the design. It screams alternative teenager at you and that may very well be the audience they’re marketing this product towards. If so, then it could be considered a great touch.

Aside from the color scheme the headphones have ear-pads that swivel, accommodating any budding DJ’s out there, and this feature also allows you to pack them flat when they aren’t in use.The cord appears to be fashioned from pretty tough rubber, and the headphone jack is of a gold-plated style. Tangling and wire-splitting shouldn’t really be a problem here.Sound containment with these headphones is solid, so bothering those around you while listening to your music won’t be a concern.An issue that some people find with over-ear headphones is that they can become uncomfortable after a prolonged period of use.

General feedback for this particular model seems positive in that respect, with users claiming that they have experienced little to no discomfort after hours of use.Noise cancellation isn’t a claim made by Maxell, but minor noise cancellation is a quality that this particular model brings to the table, which is a nice little bonus, especially if you plan on using them during a commute to work or school.Unfortunately we see the same problem with the Maxell AMP-B’s that we see with a lot of budget price headphones. They are constructed primarily from plastic, and I’ve seen various reports of them cracking and breaking after only a few months of use.This appears to be a necessary evil with headphones in this price range from what I gather, and the compromise in build quality seems to come with the budget price tag.It really comes down to personal choice and your budget.

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Sound Quality

My first impression when it comes to the sound capabilities of these headphones?Very impressive. Even the most pessimistic of audiophiles can’t fail to be impressed with what’s on offer here.The bass is simply amazing considering the price range, very tight, and the overall sound is very rich and brings your music to life.Regardless of your personal musical tastes, these headphones will make your collection sound quite simply awesome.The sound quality also receives pass marks when it comes to gaming, offering a solid, clear surround sound experience.Overall, the sound quality of these headphones far exceeds the modest price tag that accompanies them. They cannot be faulted on that front.

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These headphones are actually very light on features.There is no on-cord volume control option, and no way of altering the sound levels, although they do fold-up, which is a nice feature.These are budget-priced headphones, so to expect any of the features that we see available on higher priced models would be a bit naïve. You do really get what you pay for in that respect.

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The Maxell AMP-B’s are a budget level model. This is an important factor to bear in mind when you’re looking at the various pros and cons of this set of headphones.The build quality isn’t the best, and the plastic seems a bit on the cheap side and is prone to snapping and cracking after a few months of use. That’s not to say that if you take care of these headphones that you won’t have them for a long time though. Headphones can snap for various reasons, and I’ve seen my fair share of Beats and Bose models that have given way for the most innocuous of reasons, so it’s not a problem that is exclusive to this particular brand, or even to budget level headphones.

The real selling point of these headphones is the sound quality, which is quite simply amazing considering the price tag.As I mentioned above, you’re really getting a high quality of sound for the price here, and although these headphones lack the option to adjust sound levels that you find on higher priced models, you will find that most musical genres sound just fine without any requirement for adjustment.If you’re looking for a cheap pair of headphones that will provide the maximum sound quality for your money, then look no further.If you’re a gamer looking for headphones that will add a high-quality audio experience to your gaming, then these could be the answer.High quality sound, not so high quality build. It really is your choice to make.

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Highlights & Technical Specification

Lightweight Design
Large 40mm drivers which provide a deep sounding bass and excellent sound
Reasonably comfortable on-ear cushions for sustained wear
Fold up design is great for travel
3.5mm jack connection
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Maxell AMP-B Amplified Heavy Bass Headphones Review:7.4

BUILD & DESIGN 6.2/10.


COMFORT 7.6/10.

FEATURES 6.6/10.


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  • – Excellent price.
  • – Very rich sound.
  • – Sound containment is very effective.
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  • – Not the most well-made headphones.
  • – Very basic with no real audio controls.

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