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LG stepped up with the Electronics Tone Pro after the 730 before it, or Tone +, which, in turn, was an upgrade for the Tone Ultra. Since the Tone + had met with mixed reviews, due partly to the disappointing noise-cancelling feature and partly to the unwelcome boost in price, the Tone Pro, or HBS-750, had to contend with correcting some of those issues before it could start with a clean slate.LG is obviously trying to pass off the Tone Pro as the ultimate in hands-free audio accessory, but do their claims hold water? To get a clear picture, we need to delve into matters like the ergonomic design, the inline commands, the battery life, the connectivity, the responsiveness, the sound quality and the general look and feel of the headset, which are deemed top-notch. Frankly, we like what we see and we’re ready to share it with you.

Build Quality & Design

Right off the bat we can tell that the neckband curvature is looser than with previous models, which means that it lies seamlessly around the neck, and that it can be hidden under a T-shirt just as easily as it can be fitted inside a collar. The clips on the neckband are sturdier, and all the buttons that were taking up space on the front of the brackets were moved to the sides, for a more polished look. The earbuds lock into place with magnets at the tip of the brackets on the neckband, and can be taken out and inserted into the ears at leisure. This ergonomic design also eliminates the possibility of ever losing your earbuds or having them snapped off when you’re not using them.

It comes in four conservative, inconspicuous colours, namely: black, gold, teal/grey and white. Some stores stock exclusive colours, like red and blue, but that’s subject to specific agreement with LG, and these models would most likely be harder to find.The right bracket features the Play/Pause, Rewind and Fast Forward buttons, and the left bracket has the Volume and Call answer buttons. This is ok if you’re playing tracks from the same record, but when you have various songs at different frequencies in your playlist, and you’re not left-handed, you’ll find it doesn’t seem very efficient to have the Pause and Seek buttons to one side, and the Volume buttons to the next. You’ll basically be spending a lot of time waving both hands up to the neck, trying to adjust or skip songs. Perhaps reshuffling the buttons a bit would make it easier to work with.

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Sound Quality

The Tone Pro has a knack for starting your songs without delay, so there are no awkward pauses in between songs. Another improvement from its predecessors is the fact that when you set your volume from your neckband, it goes full scale. That is to say that, whereas other models would only let you stay within the range you set up on your smartphone (like medium, high volume, etc.) when you crank up the volume, it goes all the way up. It also mutes when you push the Volume button down all the way.

As previously mentioned, the Tone Pro had its work cut out for it when it set out to bring the Tone Plus’ noise reduction up to par, and it came out smelling of roses. It also boasts a better than average echo cancellation ability. The aptX audio compression delivers outstanding CD audio quality, and the bass EQ boosting capability gives you an entirely new perspective on your music. We should add that there’s some interference when you’re more than 10 metres or so away from your phone, which means this headset is probably best for both outdoor and indoor use, but only when you have your phone within reach.

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LG Electronics Tone Pro Features

There’s also a voice command button on the left that will bring up Siri or whichever personal assistant you use, meaning that sending text is supported, as well as whatever other features your app has. It’s worth pointing out that iOS devices don’t allow text-to-speech with this bluetooth headset, whereas you can nearly always have your text messages read with Android devices. Another point that needs to be made is that the neckband will vibrate when you’ve set your phone to vibrate on incoming calls.They come with extra jelly ear adapters in three different sizes for a snug, airtight fit. The battery life is head and shoulders above what previous models offered. Stand-by time stretches to 21 days or so on a single 2-hour charge.

Ten hours of continuous playback and 15 hours of talk time also don’t seem to intimidate the Tone Pro. Should your battery ever run low, an audio alert will let you know. Another interesting feature is the fact that it comes with Bluetooth 3.0, meaning that it will work well with both old and new smartphone models. Otherwise, they follow on the acclaimed Ultra and Tone +’s footsteps. It also comes with a handy guide with simple instructions for the buttons, as well as a microUSB cable. The headset weighs only 13 ounces, so it travels light.Possibly its greatest feature is that it can pair up with two devices simultaneously, to enable switching from one playlist to another much more easily.

For those who prefer to use two conventional headsets to pair individually with each device, (because there are people out there with too many smartphones and too many bluetooth devices for their own comfort) the LG Tone Pro is a cost-cutting solution when taking out their phones in public and waiting to pair is not an option. It will also enable call waiting, and switching from calls on a work device to a personal device whenever necessary. So, from that perspective, the Tone Pro is definitely setting the tone to an entirely new kind of connectivity.

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What else can be said, except maybe that this is the perfect audio solution for those looking for snappy, responsive bluetooth handsets that can keep them connected at all times, and still deliver flawless, booming bass and gutsy pitches without a glitch? They have this laid-back yet office-like look, which can be slightly intimidating, but the ergonomic, simple layout of the control buttons, magnets, clips and earbuds is undoubtedly appealing. Oddly enough, this is perhaps one of the few earbud headphones that have less to do with the earbuds, and more to do with the commands. Couple the noise-reducing, echo-cancelling, and bass boosting sound effects with the flexible, original neckband, and you have something that’s most definitely aces in our book.

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Bluetooth Specification Version 3.0
Talk Time up to 15 hours
Music Listening Time Up to 10 hours
Standby Time Up to 21 days
Charging Time less than 2 hours
Dimensions 5.45″ (W) X 6.81″ (H) X 0.69″ (D)
Weight 1.23 oz
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LG Electronics Tone Pro Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review:7.9




FEATURES 8.7/10.


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  • – Great Bluetooth connectivity.
  • – Good set of features at this price.
  • – Good sound.
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  • – Almost office like design.
  • – Some ergonomic issues with buttons.

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